The group of entrepreneurs in renovation and expert designers from Kitchen Bathroom Renovation Montreal does the design and the production of the classic bathroom from A to Z from the design to the complete renovation, in a few days’ time, at a competitive price and offering top-notch quality work in Montreal regions.

The classic bathroom Montreal is also called rustic or traditional. It is characterized by decorated, dressed, papered walls or by plain or colored floorboards, decorative objects with moldings and/or of wood lace. The decor of the classic bathroom with wooden design enhances the atmosphere of well-being to create a warm and soothing atmosphere.

The choice of style of the classic bathroom Montreal design

in Montreal and Quebec province, the kitchen and the bathroom are the two rooms in the house in which people invest most in renovation. Compared to the modern style, the traditional style bathroom is more posh and cozier when the design is well conceived, often with elements of old decoration like mirrors with frames of wood or a bathtub on feet.

The design of a classic bathroom Montreal

it is advisable to call upon one of our experts in renovation and design in Montreal of the classic bathroom to work not only at the level of the choice of cabinets but also the whole environment by adding design elements that will highlight the new bathroom Montreal with a traditional bathtub on feet, by putting to value the character of its historic period. It is best to let a design expert do his since he will take care of putting your ideas in place to make beautiful drawings for proposals to visualize the desired result well and take care of searching the materials based on the budget for the classic bathroom style. A designer will come to your home to listen to you first concerning your tastes, budget and gather information and ideas you have in hand and in mind. The design work can then begin.

The designer makes some sketches by hand or with the computer to present proposals before the renovation. A few meetings may be necessary to select the classic bathroom Montreal style of your dreams. It is important to note that our designers work from the beginning of the design as a team with our renovators to ensure designing a bathroom within the budget. Once one of the proposals has been adopted the renovation plan and the estimates are made, including: information on materials, quantity, price, location where they can be obtained and details of design elements that must be bought such as the bathtub, a curtain, a mirror, accessories or other things that have to be made. The designer in Montreal can even serve as a project manager to guide, assist and supervise the general contractor during the work.

The renovation Montreal contractor for the classic bathroom design

once the designer's work has been completed with all the information in hand: plans, drawings, details of materials and estimates, the renovation contractor meets you to confirm the price and establish specific work stages for the classic bathroom style. Doing renovations in a house that is already inhabited and especially in the bathroom requires special care to keep the environment safe and clean.

In a few days’ time the new classic bathroom design of your dreams is now a reality.

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